Over 13 years ago I was introduced to the concept of the Carusos.  John McNeil was one of my teachers at the New England Conservatory and he decided that my playing could be better (much better) so we embarked on what would become a lifetime of study.  John studied with Carmine – we did not use books or other resources.  John is an amazing brass player, great improviser and a really funny guy. Regardless, I feel like I got the goods from a credible source, once removed from the master.  Carmine played violin and saxophone as John tells it.  He played a lot of weddings and social events, and he noticed that the brass players couldn’t keep up.  Being a thoughtful guy, he developed a system in which brass players could develop the stamina to play longer, higher, faster, articulate better, split less notes if any, and have a more beautiful centered tone.  His method caught on and many many musicians use it.  I would say that it is one of the more popular brass methodologies – but it does have its detractors.  All I know is that it works for me. 

My routine is 48 minutes – everyday – a combination of the Carusos, Chas Colin lip slurs and a few articulation exercises.  My routine has not changed in 13 years and it won’t for the next 13.