Fine – Phil Dwyer won – great player, great arranger, good guy etc . . .but come on people – you could have called that one a million miles away. Yes – he deserved it – he has had a long career and is still putting out great quality albums – and don’t get me wrong, I’m glad for the guy – really. But do we need another Juno for an established Toronto musician? (I know he lives in BC but the album is decidedly Toronto). My students talk about the center of jazz in Canada being Toronto and they are probably right – I guess it is – OK – I admit it – it is. But I still think it is lame. Where are the new names? The envelope pushers, the rising talent making us pay attention? Who is the new tenor sensation? Where are the killer young brass players? Where is the drummer that is beating the s**t out of the drums? Do I have to resign myself to the juno’s being a lifetime achievement award?