We are starting a new thread this chilly winter and it is somewhat related to the last thread. If you recall – the death defying artists have been commenting about the first album that got them started on the path. This thread is about the album that has always been there – the one that you return to over and over – here I go –

I stole a jazz album when I was 15 years old from my high school’s library. Guilty definitely, however at the time I am not sure it was pure theft or just laziness that kept the album in my collection. Regardless, I feel no guilt about this. ‘Thinking About You’ by Frank Rosolino was the record and doing the time would have been worth it. Transcendental jazz, the kind of jazz I think all jazz should sound like – stellar playing, interactive, patient, emotional etc. . . Ed Bickert on guitar, Don Thompson on bass and Terry Clarke on drums – the elite of the Canadian jazz community recorded a live album over several nights. Rumor has it that the recording was just Don Thompson trying out a new portable recorder on the floor near his bass. Regardless, it is outstanding in every way. Check out ‘Round Midnight at 8:36 for a truly inspired moment.


I listen to this album in a different way than I used to. Now I will go months without it and then I will play it over and over for weeks – I have transcribed every solo, all the bass lines, the comping rhythms, I sing along, play along (the parts that I can) and find it creeping into my playing – it never disappoints.