Hey all – I have been derelict in my duties as blogger lately – whatever – however, I do continue on my latest thread of introducing members from the label and the album that started it all – Jeff is the bass player on every modo trio album, even the ones we have not released, all the bootlegs, the out takes – you get my point. A very versatile dude – breadmaker – pizza enthusiast (have I got a deal for you) smart guy – baker, coffee guy – foodie with out being a snob – I could go on –

Here is what he has to say about his beginnings:

I think the album that first started me seriously towards bass was either Upfront by David Sanborn, or Suntan by Michel Camilo. That might be a little embarrassing for me, but I was coming from a very classical and consonant background, and those albums were easy enough for me to understand with diatonic ears and good enough to leave lasting impressions about groove, feel and musicianship.
Upfront has Marcus Miller on bass, who also produced. Marcus was relatively fresh out of his career with Miles Davis. The whole album is about the groove with saxophone as a bit of an irrelevant afterthought. At least that’s how I heard it.
Suntan has Anthony Jackson playing bass. The album is piano trio, and so big sounding and tight that the energy is completely contagious. Even though I knew nothing about bass at the time, I could tell that what Jackson was playing was extremely difficult, that aspect of it made barely any impression at the time. Suntan was all about huge tone with tight, complicated and exciting rhythms, and really great melodies/countermelodies that really impacted me.