Every time I stop and think about the amazing artists on the lable – I have to give my head a shake! We are so fortunate that we have so many killing players willing to play with the lablemates. Terell is on the Brenan Brothers’ Throwdown – his session with us was spectacular and I had the pleasure of hanging with him all week. ( I might need a whole week to recuperate) I asked Terell to write about his first album experience, instead he told it to me – here it is as best I can remember.

I got into the trumpet and was strongly influenced by Chuck Mangione’s “feels so good”. I asked my uncle to buy me a Flugelhorn and in his wisdom (sarcasm) he did. Interestingly he bought me the first production run of the Clark Terry Flugelhorn model made by the Olds company. I ran into Clark years later and told him I had one of his first production horns and he offered to buy it from me, saying he was trying to collect them all – needless to say, I still have it.

here’s something from Clark and Brookmeyer that I just had to post –