As promised, I have been posting comments from the Death Defying Artists regarding the first album that got them started on their path.  We have heard from John Hyde (Bitches Brew, Miles Davis), Earl MacDonald (Body and Soul, Maynard Ferguson), Jim Brenan (Night, John Abercrombie) and now we get to hear from Jerrold Dubyk – here it is:

The one that really stood out for me was “Live at Mt. Fuji”, by OTB (Out of The Blue) on Blue Note Records.

What was great about this group and recording for me was that they were real and current musicians to myself at the time, particularly Ralph Bowen.  I was a student at the JazzCity Jazz Workshop in, 1990, when Ralph Bowen was the saxophone instructor  and combo leader. I auditioned for combo and was fortunate enough to get into his combo.  I had  a great experience that week studying with him not only in masterclasses but also in some private lessons (of which I still have the manuscript). The best part of the week though was when I went to Sam the Record Man at West Edmonton Mall and found “Live at Mt. Fuji” with Ralph Bowen on it. It made jazz more relevant to me that the person I was studying with that week was on a real record. Going on to study my Masters degree with him was better still.

Bowen’s opening statements on the tune ‘OTB’ are some of the greasiest and most authoritative moments for me on record and as a jazz musician today.