It was old home week here at the Deathdefyingrecords fake office.  I had the very good fortune of reconnecting with a great pianist friend of mine from my NEC days.  Tyson and I started together at NEC in the graduate program and he is one of those people that you can connect with right away – very open and very interesting – even now he holds these same characteristics.  He was on tour with a serious country music heavyweight and we got to hang for a few hours before he headed down to Montana.  Chinese food and a lot of conversation (thanks Buddy Wonton) –  I loved hearing about his path from grad school to country music greatness.  A self proclaimed indie/jazz/pop/county artist, Tyson is a survivor – he reads the winds like a true sage and makes big decisions that have put him in good stead.  Very smart, very happening, very much at peace with himself as a musician and the path he has taken – awesome to see, and be reminded of again.  Not one to complain about the industry – he truly saw where the music industry was heading way before it happened and acted – I like that.  Check him out at